Get wholesale, custom, replacement lampshades direct from the manufacturer! Give your hotel, conference center, restaurant, or lighting in any area, a fresh, new look while saving hundreds or thousands of dollars!

We are your source for quality, wholesale, custom lamp shades made in the USA. Although this website is directed to the hospitality industry, Shade Source, Inc. also serves lampshade retailers and lamp manufacturers nationwide. Please call for catalog, fabric swatches, etc.

Our goal at Hotel Lampshade Supply is to provide you with the exact size and style shade needed, at extremely competitive prices, along with fast, reliable lead times, while providing great customer service.

Hotel Lampshade, a division of Shade Source Inc., is a woman-owned and family operated manufacturer supporting the hospitality industry for over 23 years. Let's support American jobs and our economy by buying high quality American made products.

All of our shades are custom made to order in the USA. Most orders shipped within 2 to 4 weeks.

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